Request for Resale Disclosure Packages, Escrow Demands,
Lender Questionnaires and Association Documents

Reserve Realty Management uses for all transfers. has created the most prolific web based data and document delivery system for the community association industry. Traditional products such as lender questionnaires, demands, resale disclosures, and estoppels can now be delivered more effortlessly than ever before.

  1. Create/Login to your account:
    •  Go to our homepage
    •  Click on the Sign Up tab or enter your Username and Password and login.
    •  Click on the Place New Orders tab found directly after logging in.
  2. Find your association: (Please refer to the Search Tips)
    •  Enter the Unit Address or Association Name.
    •  Specify the transaction type as either Purchase/Sale or Refinance, and click Continue.
  3. Select your items:
    •  Locate the document(s) you need and select the box to the right.
    •  Click continue at the bottom of the page.
  4. Complete your order:
    •  Proceed and enter the buyer and seller or current homeowner information; click continue.
    •  At the delivery and payment page enter the appropriate information; click continue.
  5. Review and Place Order:
    •  Review your order and add/remove items if necessary.
    •  Click Place Order. You will receive a confirmation number and an email confirmation as well.
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