We provide our wealth of experience to the associations we manage. We have been involved in all aspects of condominiums from conversion; sales; and new developments to older properties needing rehabilitation. Management requires common sense and compassion.

An association is a not-for-profit corporation operating under the laws of the State of Ohio. It is a business and in many respects must conduct its affairs according to good business practices. We make certain that your corporate records are kept in accordance with State requirements.

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We maintain normal office hours between 9 and 5, Monday through Friday. After business hours, you will reach voice mail where you can leave a message. All messages are reviewed the next business day.

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A property management entity contracted by a Board of Directors or community to provide a variety of services including but not limited to collecting assessments, sub-contractor endeavors, financial advisement and statement/reports preparation and analysis, general maintenance and problem resolution, and advisement on legal and other property related matters. Some of these companies manage hundreds of properties simultaneously, while others focus on individual properties.
A community association is a nongovernmental association of participating members of a community, such as a neighborhood, village, condominium, cooperative, or group of homeowners or property owners in a delineated geographic area. Participation may be voluntary, require a specific residency, or require participation in an intentional community. Community associations may serve as social clubs, community promotional groups, service organizations, or quasi-governmental groups.
A Neighborhood Association (NA) is a group of residents or property owners who advocate for or organize activities within a neighborhood. An association may have elected leaders and voluntary dues. Some neighborhood associations in the United States are incorporated, may be recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization, and may enjoy freedom from taxation from their home state.

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